Bandian presents “Main d’oeuvre” at Lyon 2013 Contemporary Art Biennale

January & October 2013
Street-art Pasting

1983: The Marche des Beurs, a march for equality and against racism, brings together more than 100’000 people in Paris and allows obtaining new rights for immigrants in France.

2013: The suburbs are still stigmatized by the media. The project Main d’oeuvre of my friend Bandian brings a sincere view of six residents of the Les Minguettes neighborhood in Vénissieux, the starting point of the march 30 years earlier.

Composed of six 5 m x 7 m monumental photo-pasting on the feet of the towers and video interviews of 6 minutes, the artistic project is an immersion in the feelings of people living in this sensitive area. A priest, a retired, a boxer, a rapper, a Russian mother, and a blind father studying law are sharing their vision of happiness from a selection of personal items.

This project with a social dimension binding photography, street art, and video and has been selected for the contemporary art Biennale de Lyon 2013. A 4 m x 4 m black cube representing the idea of confinement – a recurring feeling emerging from the interviews – is exposed next to the water tower in Les Minguettes until late January 2014.

Supervising the photo-pasting, I managed the production team and the set-up of the videos’ projection in the church of Les Minguettes for the premiere at the Biennale de Lyon.

If you want to know more about this aspect of French history, the movie La Marche, starring French actor Jamel Debbouze, is coming out this week in cinemas across France.

Photo & Video Credits: Bandian, Max Hammel and Morgan Launay.