Générations PR – Place Robin – Vevey

October 2011
Mural Painting
A.P.E.R.O – Place Robin – City of Vevey

As part of the project of renovation of the Place Robin, I was asked to realize a mural painting.

I chose to honor the people frequenting this place daily and focused on the three main generations: kids, teenagers and the elderly. I used the natural triptych separation of the wall and painted it with brushes, pencils and simple outdoor water paint.

The strength of black & white profiles emphasis on the importance of the individual. It contrasts with the colorful landscapes backgrounds.  The blue symbolizes the innocence of the child and the calm of the lake. The green represents the hope of the teenager and the near rising forest.  The yellow stands for the wisdom of the grandmother and the enlightening sunshine.

Come and visit this popular place in Vevey to feel the family and friendly vibes of a historic neighborhood.

Photo credits : Miles Wymann
Special thanks to Jean-Marc Roduit, president of the A.P.E.R.O and all the inhabitants of the place Robin who kindly welcomed me.

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